Are you a parent that finds speaking to your children about sex intimidating?

This course gives you the tools to take initiative and have more open conversations with your kids.

How will this course will add value to your family life?

Break down the barriers

- Guide you through how to have appropriate and open communication with your kids about sex.

- Give you tools and accurate language to start having age appropriate discussions about body parts and sex.

- We give this course to you, the parents so that you can establish a safe space with your children.

Children shouldn't feel:
- ashamed of their body parts
- confused about where babies come from
- like they have to keep secrets from you
Sex Education Course For Parents

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to The Course

    2. Speaking About Bodies

    3. Speaking About Genitals

    4. Awareness Over Intersex Variations

    5. Speaking About Genitals Continued

    6. Discussing Differences in Bodies

    7. Speaking To Children About Our Bodies and Sex Workbook

    1. Thinking About Gender

    2. Gender Interacting With The World

    3. Gender and Play

    4. Knowing About Gender

    5. Asking Questions About Gender

    6. Understanding More About Gender Workbook

    1. Introduction to Puberty

    2. Why Children Need to Know About Puberty Before They Go Through It

    3. Puberty for Kids With Ovaries and Uterus

    4. Puberty for Kids with Testes

    5. Other Changes that Come with Puberty

    6. Recap and Overview of Guidelines

    7. Puberty Workbook

    1. Introduction to Touch Boundaries

    2. Touch and Pleasure

    3. Body Boundaries

    4. Identifying Safe and Unsafe Touch

    5. Peer Pressure

    6. Physical Touch Boundaries Workbook

    1. Boundaries for Genitals

    2. Self Touch and Self Pleasure

    3. Public vs Pleasure

    4. Secrets vs Surprises

    5. Privacy Guidelines Workbook

    1. The First Answer To Almost Any Question

    2. The Importance of Honesty

    3. What Makes A Family

    4. Assumptions To Look Out For

    5. Starting to Speak About Family Creation Workbook

About this course

  • $150.00
  • 54 lessons
  • 5 hours of video content

Casey Blake

Your Instructor

Casey Blake is a HPSCSA Registered Counsellor and a Certified Psycho-Sexologist through the European Federation of Sexology. She holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and has over 10 years experience in the industry.
Casey Blake

Casey Blake's Course Give You:

  • Effective Yet Simple Tools

    Casey gives you easy to follow advice and information that is helpful for every parent

  • Ability To Learn At Your Own Pace

    Casey guides you step by step in each video topic so that you as a parent feel confident to then have these conversations with your kids

  • Opportunity To Enhance Your Parenting Knowledge

    This course is a great way to improve your parenting skills and establish open communication in your family unit.

Feedback From Parents Who Have Taken The Course:

“It was so useful finding ways to speak about uncomfortable subjects with my son. I have gained more confidence and I don't hide anything from him that I know he needs to know. ”


“I would always recommend Casey. She is incredibly capable and she knows what she’s talking about. If anyone is in any doubt about how to approach a subject on sexuality with children or adults alike Casey is the person I would recommend.”


“These tools are vital for every person, especially parents. Casey is absolutely wonderful, kind, generous (especially with her knowledge), wise and very diplomatic.”


“Casey is professional and super knowledgeable. she has created a safe space in which participants can learn without fear or judgement. The course has really given me the tools to approach the difficult conversations with my pre-teen and other child, and to be a better parent for them.A”


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